Sales Commission Agreement

Effective Date __________________ START_TIME

1. Object of the agreement


WHEREAS __________________ PARTY1_NAME, PARTY1_KEY from _____ COUNTRY1 is seeking to sell up to ____ MAX_AMT ____ GOOD1 before ______ EXPIRE_TIME.

WHEREAS __________________ PARTY2_NAME, PARTY2_KEY from _____ COUNTRY2 is willing and able to act as salesperson on behalf of PARTY1_NAME until ______ EXPIRE_TIME.


PARTY1_NAME agrees to pay PARTY2_NAME a commission in ____ GOOD1 on any ____ GOOD1 sales referrals up to the MAX_AMT.

2. Price


Both parties agree to a price of ____ PRICE_USD for each ____ GOOD1 token.

3. Commissions


PARTY1_NAME is offering a fixed commission of scale of ____ RATE. Commission will be paid at the time of the purchase.

4. Payment

PARTY1_NAME agrees to be paid in any of ____ CURRENCY_LIST.

4.1. Cryptocurrency Payments

The price for each transaction will be determined by the TigoCTM price oracle, published at

If the chosen payment method is bitcoin (BTC), this address should be used: ____ BTC_ADDRESS. If the chosen payment method is ether (ETH), this address should be used: ____ ETH_ADDRESS. If the chosen payment method is dash (DASH), this address should be used: ____ DASH_ADDRESS.

4.2. Bank Account

In the chosen payment method is a US Dollar transaction, this bank account should be used:




The parties agree that this Agreement shall not be used for any illegal purpose.

6. Terms of Sale


____ PARTY2_NAME shall be bound to sell GULD tokens under the same contractual terms as defined in the contract.



All disputes of or related to the formation, performance, or execution of this contract, if not resolved by the parties, shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the ________ ARBITRATOR and agree to abide by the terms of the award, under the New York Convention on Enforceability.



Both parties agree to sign this contract with a cryptographic key, unique to each party. By signing this agreement, both parties represent that they are authorized to enter into this agreement.

The parties have executed this Agreement on the date and time stated in their cryptographic signatures.

______________________ PARTY1_NAME

______________________ PARTY1_KEY

______________________ PARTY2_NAME

______________________ PARTY2_KEY