Ethereum Migration Contract

1. Parties


This contract is between the Ethereum Network, and ______ PARTY1_KEY.

2. Purpose

2.1. Smart Contract Registration

The purpose of this contract is register a new smart contract to execute on the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

2.2. Run Operation Codes of Contract

The Ethereum Network agrees to run all known operation codes that are included in this contract, or signed by party to this contract.

2.3. Operation Code List

TODO: list known operation codes and their binary words

3. Payment


______ PARTY1_KEY agrees to pay gas fees in ETH.


There are no guaranteed gas fees, or predictable gas fee schedule. Maximum fee must be defined per transaction, prior to determining actual fee to be paid.

Any unspent fee below the maximum, will be returned to the sender.

If the maximum fee is insufficient, the fee will be forfeit and the transaction will cancel.

4. Amendments

4.1. Any amendments to this Agreement shall be made in writing and signed cryptographically by ________ PARTY1_KEY, and published to the Ethereum Network, including the amendments to the writing requirement stated in this provision.

5. Signature


Both parties agree to sign this contract with an Ethereum cryptographic key, unique to each party. By signing this agreement, both parties represent that they are authorized to enter into this agreement.

The parties have executed this agreement on the date and time stated in their cryptographic signatures.

_____ PARTY1_KEY